4 Tips to Lose Weight While Eating Out -

4 Tips to Lose Weight While Eating Out

Step 1: Check the menu before you get to the restaurant

This way you can make a rational decision on what to order before you are starving and/or tempted with the social pressure to say, “screw it” and order whatever you want. I don’t know about you, but when I am starving and all my friends are eating bread and butter and ordering pasta and burgers it is way harder to order the salmon with veggies. But, when I have already looked the menu over and made a decision, I do a much better job at sticking to my plan.

Step 2: Enter your meal and your drinks into MyFitnessPal in the morning

This way you can see how your meal choice fits into your daily calories and macros before you eat it. I can’t tell you how many times I have looked up a restaurant in MyFitnessPal and have been shocked by the calories, fat, and sugar in an entree that I thought was the a healthy choice. If that is the item you really want to eat, then you can adjust the portion size to fit into your plan and/or add in an extra workout.  MyFitnessPal is my favorite tool to #budgetinthefun!

Step 3: Put Half your Food into a To-go Box

We all know that even if you order something healthy, the portion sizes at restaurants are way too big. So, ask for a to-go box before your meal arrives so you can make sure that you only eat half of your food. If that feels socially awkward, then you can cut your food into half on your plate and take it to go after everyone is done eating. Bonus, you have lunch for tomorrow!

Step 4: Make it worth it

Cheese, bread, french fries, desert…You can have them all, just make sure it is worth it, sparingly, and it fits into your MyFitnessPal.  Don’t add cheese to a basic sandwich, wait for that amazing brie or manchego cheese board. If something doesn’t taste amazing, don’t eat it!

June 5, 2019

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