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If you feel overwhelmed, burnt out, bored, and uninspired in your current fitness routine, you’re not alone. If you want results without spending hours in the gym, you’re in luck! You can build a strong, toned, confident body from home on your own time with on-demand workouts and personalized exercise plans at your fingertips. 

You Don’t Have to Take Your Fitness Journey Alone

When you join the ALFitCrew, you become part of a community of 100s of women who accomplish their fitness goals from home! 

“Ashley is THE best! She makes the workouts fun, engaging, and never intimidating. I highly recommend [Ashley’s program] to anyone looking for results with their fitness goals. Ashley is a caring and supportive trainer that will keep you accountable!”

– Martha

“I can’t say enough good things about Ashley! I’ve finally found a personal trainer that keeps me motivated and accountable. It’s so easy to fall off, but when you have the right support, it’s even easier to get back on! I’ve gotten real results since I started training with Ashley, and I highly recommend her. She’s so much fun; you almost forget you’re working out! Until the day after when you have to drag your dead body out of bed…  just to do it all over again because it was worth it.”

– Joanne

“I met Ashley a couple of months ago when I was looking to change up my workout routine. She has been the BEST trainer, motivator, accountability buddy, and all-around person that pushes me to my limits. I’ve gotten so much stronger and noticed changes in the short amount of time I’ve worked out with her. She individualizes plans to match what she knows I can do… and I’m the best kind of sore for days after. You won’t be disappointed!”

– Liz

Helping women find balance and joy in their fitness journey is my passion, and the ALFitCrew fitness app is my signature program, designed to help you finally stick to a workout program you love and get the results you want. 


The ALFitCrew is More than Just a Fitness App… It’s a Dynamic Workout Experience

There are tons of great fitness apps out there, and it’s important to find one that meets your needs. Everyone has different goals when it comes to working out, losing weight, building muscle, and developing a healthy lifestyle. The ALFitCrew App is designed to help busy women build strong, toned, and confident bodies with home workouts that fit their schedules.

💪​​New ALFitCrew Workouts Every Week

New upper body and lower body workouts EVERY week, along with scheduled cardio homework. I review your workout training program and progress each day. Every workout has step-by-step written instructions (with modifications) and a video of me training you for each exercise.

😅4 LIVE Total Body HIIT Zoom Workouts Every Month

Try your first one for FREE! DM me on Instagram or sign up here and use Code: FREE at checkout. All live workouts are filmed and uploaded into the ALFitCrew App within 48 hours.

🗓️Personalized Dashboard and Weekly Workout Calendar

You can easily view your personalized workout program and track your results and metrics. All your workouts, exercise how-to videos with modifications, and other reminders are on an easy-to-use digital calendar.

😍Accountability and Community

24/7 access to me via the ALFitCrew App and group support via our community chat on Instagram.

📈Personalized Tracking Options

Track the weights you use and reps completed each workout so that we can see your progression weekly and make adjustments to help you reach your goals. 

🏋️‍♀️Access to 100s of Exercises via an On-Demand Video Library

Watch hundreds of workout videos filmed by me illustrating proper exercise form and modifications, all in your on-demand workout library in the ALFitCrew App.

🤗User-Friendly Experience

The ALFitCrew App is Compatible with IOS and Android.


Once you download the app, create a profile, and claim your 7-day free trial, you’ll be able to explore all available features and workouts. Here’s a preview of what you’ll see on the app and how to navigate it for the best experience.

Try the ALFitCrew Fitness App for FREE Today & See Real Results

Imagine if you could build a healthy, toned, confident body at home with workouts that fit your schedule, not the other way around. It’s possible with the ALFitCrew fitness app!

✅No more excuses: workouts are available on the go 24/7
✅4 LIVE full-body HIIT workouts every month
✅Badass community of women to support & encourage you
✅Access to 100s of video workouts
✅Feel confident and strong in a body you LOVE
✅Track your progress & see real results in just a few weeks


Still Have Questions? I Have Answers!

I’ve designed the ALFitCrew women’s fitness app to be accessible for everyone, regardless of your fitness level, where you exercise, or how often you workout. Here are a few more details about the experience and community!

Are there videos of each workout?

YES! There are form videos of every exercise in each scheduled workout. Your form is extremely important to me and is crucial to being able to progressively overload and stay injury-free!

How many workouts are scheduled in the fitness app per week?

2 upper body and 2 lower body workouts, 1 full-body burn workout, and 1 cardio day are scheduled each week. Each strength workout should take 23-35 minutes. Cardio is recommended but optional. I suggest 60 minutes of cardio per week. The goal is to do 1 upper body and 1 lower body workout, 1 full-body burn workout, and 1 cardio each week. The second upper body and lower body days are suggested but optional.

Can the workouts be done from home or a gym?

You can do all workouts from home or in a gym setting. When machines are used (rarely), there is an “alternate exercise” feature within the app that provides an at-home alternative to target the same muscle in the same way! Over 70% of ALFitCrew app members complete all workouts from home. Check out my Instagram to preview at-home workout examples!

What is the average length of each workout?

Strength day workouts typically take around 25-35 minutes, but this will vary based on the individual. It is always better to do 1 or 2 rounds of the workout than skip it completely! I keep the workouts short and effective so that you add cardio if you like and fit them into your busy schedule.

What workout equipment is needed to do the ALFitCrew App workouts?

Dumbbells – I recommend having a variety of weights (if possible) ranging from 5-25 lbs each.

  • Weight for shoulders and triceps (5-12lbs)
  • Weights for Back, Chest, Bicep, Legs (10-25lbs)
  • Non-dumbbell Option: a 1-gallon jug of water is 8.3lbs, and a 2.5-gallon jug of water is 21bs

Resistance Cables with Handles or Loop Bands (cable machine substitute) – These work as an inexpensive alternative to heavy dumbbells and an alternative for a cable machine. I love these as a cheaper (and smaller) cable machine option but not as much as a replacement for dumbbells. There are things you just need dumbbells for. But if cost is an issue, these totally work. Just know you will need to modify/simplify some exercises. The resistance also depends on fitness level. 

Fabric Mini Bands – These bands are my absolute favorite! They can be used for cardio, booty building, and upper body exercises. Wide Fabric Mini Bands are amazing because they don’t roll up and provide more resistance. Even if you have the stretchy ones, I recommend picking these up; your booty will thank you!

Elastic Mini Bands – Thin, stretchy mini bands are a great option as well, and there are things you can do with the stretchy bands that are just too hard with the fabric ones. If you can get both, go ahead. Otherwise, opt for the fabric ones above.

Step – This could be a sturdy chair, box, cooler, or anything around that height.

Optional – Barbell, jump rope, cardio machines, Bosu ball, small weighted ball. 

Do you help with nutrition and meal planning?

I am not a registered dietician, but I can refer you to one! I can also use my 10+ years as a trainer to develop a game plan with you. I can offer healthy alternatives to your favorite foods, plan for upcoming events, and share my Meal Prep Tips to Make Food Prep Fun, Easy, and Delicious.

What is the cancellation process for the ALFitCrew App?

If you decide the ALFitCrew App isn’t for you, you can cancel anytime through your app store on your phone. If you signed up via a link, my website, or Instagram, please message me three days before your next billing cycle so I can cancel your membership manually.

Invest in Yourself and Prioritize Your Health Today

We make investments with our time and money all the time. What would it look like if you decided to invest in yourself and your health today? You are so worth it.

ALFitCrew Fitness App Monthly Investment: $89/mo

Try a week FREE to make sure the ALFitCrew fitness app is right for you and get access to:

  • 4 LIVE full-body HIIT workouts monthly
  • 100s of on-demand exercise videos
  • Custom weekly workout plans
  • Bad-ass community of women
  • Real results in just a few weeks
  • Access to me as your personal trainer to answer all your questions and support you on your fitness journey


Women's Fitness App for At Home Workouts


  • ALFitCrew App is a subscription-based application that will charge to your selected payment method, each billing cycle (monthly), on the same date you originally signed up. Your subscription will continue until you choose to cancel.
  • You will have full access to all available features and programs within the ALFitCrew App while you are a member.
  • After canceling, please keep in mind that while you will still have access to your account for the remainder of your billing cycle, you will no longer have access to any of the content within the ALFitCrew App once your subscription has expired. This includes any weeks you have already completed. This is in keeping with all subscription models, and the terms of use agreed to in purchase.
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