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Gain strength, confidence, & community in just 4 weeks with 25-45 minute workouts you can do from home!

Tired of spending hours at the gym not knowing the best workouts to help you achieve your fitness goals?

Go from being uncertain, unmotivated, and uninspired to crushing your fitness goals alongside a badass community of women with 1:1 support from a personal trainer at a fraction of the cost.

For women ready to get fit

The challenge is an amazing 4 weeks of fat-burning, calorie-crushing workouts that you can do from home.

Each workout is just 20-45 minutes and includes a variety of strength training exercises and HIIT circuits to help you jumpstart your fitness routine.

PLUS, the rest of the ALFitCrew and I will be working out with you and cheering each other on… that’s my favorite part! And I want YOU to be part of it!

Are you ready to complete 20 workouts and see results in just 4 weeks?

What’s Included in the 4-Week Fitness Challenge?

Ready to get fit for the holidays? The ALFitCrew Fall Challenge is designed to meet you where you are in your fitness journey and give you the motivation and guidance you need to achieve your goals.

  • 4 weeks of kick-ass home workouts (can be done at the gym)
  • Daily accountability on Instagram and private ALFitCrew chat
  • Daily Instagram shoutouts, inspiration, and workout breakdowns from your trainer (ME)!
  • Step-by-step video breakdowns of every exercise (with written instructions as well)
  • Modifications based on fitness level for every exercise (Don’t have dumbbells? I provide a loop band or tube band alternative for every exercise!)
  • Protocol breakdowns of each workout with what equipment is needed
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to follow the program and plenty of motivation along the way!
  • Warm-up/cool-down protocol for every workout
  • Support and accountability from the #ALFitCrew community
  • Access to Ashley via the private or group chat in the #ALFitCrew App. I am here for you!
  • So much more incredible content (aka Ashley’s special touches) inside!

Get all this and more for just $99.00 when you join the challenge today!

How Does the 4-Week Fitness Challenge Work?

When you sign up, you will receive a welcome email with a challenge checklist and overview packet/PDF. Don’t forget to download it to your device and read through it so you can maximize your challenge experience! You are also able to set up your ALFitCrew App account as soon as you sign up! Then, you can play around in the app, join the private ALFitCrew group chat, sync your devices, and start to message me with any pre-challenge questions!!

Download the ALFitCrew App for IOS or Andriod and create an account.

On Sunday, October 2nd, your Week 1 Workouts will drop into the ALFitCrew App (YAY!). You will be able to see exactly what the plan is for the following week, so you can make the time in your schedule. Then, every Sunday you will receive your new workouts for the upcoming week. The ALFitCrew private group chat is amazing for accountability and community! We will share our wins and struggles and cheer each other on!

How you participate is up to you! 100% of the workouts can be done on your own by following along with the workouts scheduled in the ALFitCrew App. But, I will be hosting 2 LIVE Workouts EVERY WEEK (all will be recorded and uploaded to the app after)! All live workouts will be on Zoom. The Zoom link never changes, and you can access the Zoom Classes via your Classes tab in the App.

This challenge keeps your body guessing and delivers amazing results!! Every workout ranges from 20-45 minutes and includes Upper Body and Lower Body Strength Training, HIIT, and AMRAP! 

“Ashley is THE best! She makes the workouts fun, engaging, and never intimidating. I highly recommend [Ashley’s program] to anyone looking for results with their fitness goals. Ashley is a caring and supportive trainer that will keep you accountable!”

– Martha



“I can’t say enough good things about Ashley! I’ve finally found a personal trainer that keeps me motivated and accountable. It’s so easy to fall off, but when you have the right support, it’s even easier to get back on! I’ve gotten real results since I started training with Ashley, and I highly recommend her. She’s so much fun; you almost forget you’re working out! Until the day after when you have to drag your dead body out of bed…  just to do it all over again because it was worth it.”

– Joanne


“I met Ashley a couple of months ago when I was looking to change up my workout routine. She has been the BEST trainer, motivator, accountability buddy, and all-around person that pushes me to my limits. I’ve gotten so much stronger and noticed changes in the short amount of time I’ve worked out with her. She individualizes plans to match what she knows I can do… and I’m the best kind of sore for days after. You won’t be disappointed!”

– Liz

The ALFitCrew Challenge is for Those Who…

Want a quick but effective workout. Each workout is a 20-45 minute fat-burning session that includes a variety of weight training exercises and HIIT circuits to burn calories fast.

Hate boring workouts. Let’s face it, doing the same exercises week after week gets boring and decreases motivation. That’s why the challenge workouts are never the same… keep your body guessing every day!

Want a step-by-step workout guide with detailed explanations and modifications. With a combination of video and written instructions, you can confidently learn how to do each exercise at your fitness level. 

Don’t want to leave their house to get a good workout in. The truth is, you don’t need a fully stocked gym to have an amazing workout that produces results. Each workout requires minimal to no equipment so you can do them without having to leave your home. 

Want to be part of a community of other badass women who motivate and encourage one another! As soon as you join the challenge, you are part of our community on Instagram and in the ALFitCrew App.

The ALFitCrew Challenge is NOT for Those Who…

Don’t like interactive workouts. This challenge isn’t just a PDF with pictures of exercises emailed to you. The ALFitCrew App can be viewed on your phone, tablet, or computer. You can access Zoom and IG Live from all the above devices. It’s super fun to stream to a TV during the live workouts.

Want overnight results. This 4-week challenge can kick-start your fitness journey. For best results, I recommend continuing with the ALFitCrew App after the challenge. The challenge helps you get a taste of my training style before committing to a full program. I can’t wait to work with you!

Want easy workouts. This challenge is meant to challenge you (hence the name!). While the workouts aren’t easy, they can be modified to your fitness level. You will be given modifications on video and in writing, and there is never any shame in modifying the exercises! I am also always available to go over specific modifications when needed. Simply message me in the App or on IG.

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Are You Ready to Get Fit?

If you are ready to join this fitness challenge, click here!

Download the ALFitCrew App for IOS or Andriod and create an account.

If you still have questions, email me! I am here and happy to help.



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