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How to Do a Deadlift the Right Away: Benefits of Deadlifts

Do you shy away from the deadlift because you think it’s too hard or dangerous? You’re not alone. Many women are hesitant to do deadlifts because they’re unsure how to do them properly and are afraid of getting injured. But there are many benefits of deadlifts, and learning how to do them correctly is well…

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5 Unique New Year’s Fitness Resolutions to Prioritize Your Health

The new year brings a clean slate and a fresh start. Whether you accomplished all of your fitness goals in 2021 or you’re hoping to make this the year you finally prioritize your health, you have the power to drastically change your fitness trajectory in 2022. Yes, I’m talking about New Year’s fitness resolutions. But…

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Meal Prep Tips to Make Food Prepping Fun, Easy, and Delicious

Meal prep does not need to be boring, time consuming, or lacking in flavor. There are so many different meal prep tips, ideas, and solutions. Some people cook meals for each day of the week. Others use meal prep services like Thistle or Hello Fresh for every meal. Personally, I combine approaches. I order a…

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How to Choose an Online Fitness Program that Actually Works

When COVID started and gyms closed, online fitness programs became essential for people looking to stay on track with their fitness goals. What many people realized is how amazing at-home fitness classes and online virtual training programs are! If you’re interested in finding the best online fitness program, you’ve come to the right place. Not…

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