In Person and Zoom Personal Training Customized for You!

Personal training is 100% customized to you and your exact goals. It will allow you to safely start your health and fitness journey or take your current workouts to the next level. Get the accountability and motivation you need, and know you are maximizing your results with a custom training plan designed around your goals.

  • Custom Workout Plan

    all workouts are tailor fitted to your schedule, needs, and goals. In addition, I review your workout training program and progress-each day, week, and month make adjustments as needed.

  • Accountability, Support, & Motivation

    One of the hardest part of sticking to a workout routine, is motivation. I am here as your trainer, accountability buddy, and friend. We will create a plan that makes sense for you and your schedule. Every client is different, so we will figure out what works for you and your lifestyle. Factoring in work, kids, family, social life, injuries, etc.

  • Nutrition Guidance & Game Planning

    Tracking your food is Not Required, and is only recommend to those who find it positive and motivating. I will set your nutrition goal based on your height, weight, and activity level. Then you can track your food with Myfitnesspal. (Optional). I also share all my favorite tips  for eating out, while on vacation, and with a busy schedule.


Happy Clients


10 Pack

$170 Per Session


20 Pack

$150 Per Session


Single Session

$200 Per Session


20 Semi-Private Pack

$110 Per Session


10 Semi-Private Pack

$120 Per Session



$89 per Month

  • New Workouts Every Week

    New Upper Body and Lower Body Workouts EVERY Week, along with scheduled cardio homework. I review your workout training program and progress each day. Every workout has step by step written instructions (with modifications) and a video of me training you for each exercise.

  • 4 LIVE Group Trainings a Month

    Each Workout is Full Body and 45 Minutes Long

  • AIFitCrew App

    Compatible with iOS and Android and Desktop

  • Personalized Dashboard

    See Your Workout Program, Track Results and Metrics

  • Personalized Workout Calendar

    ALFitCrew Wednesday Workouts Will be on Your Calendar. You Can Add Your Own Solo Workouts and Cardio to Keep Yourself Accountable. Ashley will Check and Comment on Your Progress to Keep You Motivated and on Track.

  • Body Stat Tracking

    Track Your Weight, Body Fat, Body Composition, Sleep, Resting Heart Rate and More

  • Sync with MyFitnessPal

    Ashley will set Your Nutritional Goals Based on Your Height, Weight, and Activity Level. You Will Track Your Food with MyFitnessPal and it Syncs with the ALFitCrew App. 

  • Accountability & Community

    24/7 Access to Ashley via the AIFitCrew App and Group Support via the Community Chat


    You can easily view your personalized workout program and track your results and metrics. All of your workouts, exercise how-to videos with modifications, and other reminders are on an easy-to-use digital calendar.


    Track the weights you use and reps completed each workout, so we can both see your progression week to week.


    Watch hundreds of workout videos filmed by me illustrating proper exercise form and modifications, all in your On Demand Workout Library in the ALFitCrew App.