Perfect Weather Spring Picnic

Perfect days are on their way. You know the ones: when it is sunny outside and the temperature in the 70s. It’s even better when these perfect days land on the weekend or your day off of work so you can spend the day outside. And what better way to enjoy it than with a spring picnic?! There are so many healthy picnic foods and fun ways to get active at a picnic. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to look and feel cute at the same time. So, shop my perfect weather spring picnic items below!

5 Healthy Picnic Food Ideas

  1. Hummus and Pita Chips
  2. Veggie Tray with Dip
  3. Chips and Salsa
  4. Protein-Packed Salads or Sandwiches
  5. Fruit Salad

5 Fun Picnic Physical Activities

  1. Throw a Frisbee 
  2. Kick a Soccer Ball
  3. Toss a Football
  4. Hit a Volleyball
  5. Play Cornholl or Horseshoes 

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Carbon38 ONA Houndstooth V Bra

I saw this print, and I instantly thought “picnic!” Match this picnic-inspired printed sports bra with leggings or biker shorts for the perfect spring day outfit!

Carbon38 ONA Houndstooth Biker Short

These are perfect to wear for an active spring picnic! I can’t get enough of matching fitness outfits

DIFF Eyewear Bella Black Sunnies

These sunglasses are polarized, come in three colors, and are the perfect blend of style and function. 

Adidas UltraBOOST Running Shoes

No matter which picnic activity you choose to play, these shoes are what you need.

Hat Attack Panama Continental Hat

Whether you want to dress up for your spring picnic with a floral dress and sandals or keep it cute and casual with athleisure, you can always use an adorable hat (that keeps the sun out of your eyes, too)!

Picnic Time Piccadilly Picnic Basket

What is a picnic without a traditional picnic basket? Carry all of your healthy picnic snacks in a cute basket that gives off the biggest picnic vibes. Again, it’s cute and functional. It doesn’t get much better than that!

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