Shorts for Working Out and Going Out

It’s almost shorts season, you guys. Are you ready? Whether you’re working out or going out, I found some of the cutest shorts for any occasion. Now, I know some of you may feel self-conscious about wearing shorts, especially if you are still working on learning to love your body no matter what. I have two things to say about that. First, of course, always do what you’re comfortable with, but don’t let other people’s opinions keep you from wearing what you want. Second, I’ve totally been there, which is why I love doing lower body workouts each week. That way, when Spring and Summer come around, I feel even more strong, comfortable, and confident no matter what I wear.

In case you missed it, here is this week’s lower body workout. And you can shop all of my favorite shorts for working out and going out below!

Shorts for working out and going out

Women’s High-Rise Dolphin Shorts from Target

I’ve seen these dressed up for a casual look and dressed down for a quick workout. With multiple color options and even a matching top, you can get the shorts for just $12.

Carbon38 Ribbed Bike Short in Pink

You know I love bold colors in workout clothes, which is why these hot pink biker shorts caught my eye. You can pair them with so many different color sports bras or workout shirts for a complete look.

Carbon38 Spiritual Gangster Biker Short

And just as much as I like bold colors, I like fun prints too, so I had to include these biker shorts as well. I love the length, too… super comfortable for squats, lunges, and any other lower-body exercises you might do.

Shopbop Faux Leather Bike Shorts

Who says you have to put the workout shorts away to go out. These faux leather biker shorts have the comfort of workout clothes and can be dressed up for a night out.

Shopbop Parker Vintage Loose Fit Cutoff Shorts

Lose-fitting, ripped, cutoff shorts? Yes, please. I know I just shared some of my favorite denim trends last week, but these had to be included on my “going out shorts” list as well.

Shopbop Parker Vintage Cutoff Shorts

Black denim is great because it’s flattering and you can wear pretty much any color or style with it. Paired these with a great combat boot and graphic tee, and you’re all set.

Shop All of My Favorite Shorts for Working Out and Going Out Here!

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