Why I Decided to Remove My Breast Implants

I wanted to share my story of why I removed my breast implants. First off, I want to address any concerns that they were making me sick or that I was experiencing pain. Most women have their implants removed when the capsule that forms around the implant hardens, distorting the implant and potentially causing pain. I am very lucky that my implants did not cause any health issues for me. Nevertheless, removing my implants was the right choice for me at this stage in my life, and here’s why.

The Truth About My Implants

They were always bigger than I asked for. This is partially because I did an NPC Bikini Bodybuilding Competition the Saturday before I had my breast augmentation. So naturally, my body fat percentage was crazy low, and therefore the size of my natural breasts was affected. I asked the doctor to go smaller than suggested, which he did. But when I woke up and saw how big they were, I was bummed. 

I originally got implants when I was new to the fitness industry and was navigating my place. The bodybuilding industry has a certain look and image that goes along with it. I felt that if I was going to continue to do competitions, my chest would continue to be smaller than my natural breast size. It made sense to me to look the part of a “true” fitness professional, and at the time in my life that meant the “perfect” body. 

8 years–and 10 years as a personal trainer–later, my view of what a “true” fitness professional looks like has changed. As my fitness goals and those of my clients evolve, I no longer feel the need to be a size 0 to prove I am an expert trainer. My typical clients are females between the ages of 30-45. Most are moms and full-time working professionals. Their priorities are different, and so are mine. I am so fortunate to be able to grow with my clients and make changes that I know are best for my life at the time. While our experiences are not identical, my ideal client has grown and matured as I have.

Preparing for the Future

All of this led me to decide to remove my implants. But that’s not all. As many of you know, my financé Pablo and I are getting married this year and want to start a family at the end of 2021. Obviously, so many moms have breast implants during pregnancy and breastfeeding and don’t experience any problems. And, to be honest, I wasn’t worried about my ability to breastfeed. My concern was the size they would be while I am pregnant and breastfeeding. 

I spend most of my time in workout clothes, and it was already a struggle to find tops and sports bras that fit me. Even when I found something that seemed to fit, most of the time I felt like I was spilling out of it or the rest of the top was way too big to fit my boobs. Because of this, I was genuinely worried about how I would be able to work the year I am pregnant and the year I am breastfeeding. 

Plus, I was already self-conscious about the sexual comments I get from guys on Instagram and Facebook anytime I share a workout post or video. I just couldn’t imagine trying to find cute workout clothes that fit and then jumping around on camera while being pregnant and breastfeeding. I am starting a new chapter in my life, and it is the right time to have them removed.

There is a chance I’ll revisit having a lift or small implant added once we are done having children. But for now, I am very happy with my choice to remove my implants. And I appreciate all of the support and kind words from the #ALFitCrew before and after my surgery. I appreciate you all so much!

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