Summer Dresses for Women to Show Off Your Hard Work

So, you’ve been working out–maybe even tuning in to the #ALFitClasses each week. You’ve been choosing healthy snacks and making your physical health a priority. Pretty much, you’re killing it. And now you want to show off your hard work. I totally get it! That’s why I’ve put together some of my favorite summer dresses for women that I’ve been wearing this year. Plus, keep reading for a quick, easy, and effective workout to try while on vacation

Summer Dresses for Women to Show Off Your Strong Legs

Have you been crushing the #ALFitCrew Lower Body workouts? Then you need the Kory Tee Shirt Dress from Revolve. This short, casual summer dress shows off your strong legs in all their glory. I actually found and loved this dress for wedding-related activities because it is bright white. But you can totally add some color with a great pair of sandals or summer bag, making it one of the cutest (and most comfortable) summer dresses for women.

Summer Dresses for Women to Show Off Your Toned Arms

You may have seen my recent Instagram post where I sport one of my favorite summer dresses for women. The strappy top is perfect for showing off all of your upper-body work. The FP One Adella Maxi Slip dress from Free People features an adorable bralette top with crocheted lace details and a flowy skirt. You can dress this one up for a summer evening event or keep it casual for brunch with friends. Plus, it comes in six great colors so that you can choose your favorite!

Summer Dresses for Women to Show Off Your Toned Core

I love this floral cut-out dress for showing off all the hard work you’ve done to strengthen and tone your core. It’s called the Alida Dress, and it has two small slits on either side, giving it the perfect sexy yet classy vibe. 

You can shop all of my favorite summer dresses for women here!

Feel Confident in Your Summer Dresses with this Vacation-Friendly Workout 

Don’t be afraid to pack your favorite dresses on vacation! Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean your fitness routine has to stop. I’ve put together the perfect Vacation Upper Body Workout that is quick and easy. Plus, all you need is a resistance band, which won’t take up much space in your suitcase. Do it in your Airbnb room, hotel gym, or even on the beach! 

Here’s the workout circuit: 

  • Bicep Curl Combination x 15
  • Squat Press x 15
  • Lat Pushdowns x 15
  • Squat to Underhand Rows x 15
  • Narrow Rows x 15

After each round, do a one-minute Plank and 20 Jump Squats or Burpees. Complete the circuit three to five times. Each circuit will take 10-15 minutes, so you can choose how many to do based on how much time you have. I always say it’s better to complete one round than skip your workout altogether because you don’t have 30-45 minutes to do a “full” workout. 

You can check out this post where I show you exactly how to do each exercise properly! 

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Summer Workouts to Keep You on Track

If you’re looking for new workouts to try this summer, you’ve come to the right place. As a certified personal fitness trainer, I help women just like you accomplish their fitness goals with upper body workouts, lower body workouts, and core workouts. You can check out this post about the best swimsuits for women, where I share my best tips for building confidence and learning to love your body in all its stages. 

As a fitness trainer, I am passionate about helping women feel confident in their skin. Success in your fitness journey isn’t about being a certain size or a certain weight. While those are definitely indicators you can use to measure progress, what’s most important is that you feel like the beautiful, strong, powerful woman you are. When you take control of your physical health, you can change your life. It’s not just about feeling good in cute, sexy summer dresses for women. It’s about feeling proud of yourself and your body throughout the journey. 

If you want to experience these feelings but can’t seem to find the time or energy to prioritize your fitness routine, you aren’t alone. Fortunately, you can workout at home and experience amazing results. If you’re not sure where to start, check out my recent post where I share nine of the best summer workouts. Then, learn more about the #ALFitCrew–my personalized fitness app designed to help busy women like you finally feel confident in their skin. 

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