5 Glute Exercises for Women for the Ultimate Booty Burn

There’s no denying that a toned, strong, shapely booty is something many women desire. You want to feel confident in your body, and maybe you consider your backside a bit of a “problem area” for you. The good news is that there are plenty of glute exercises for women you can do at home to target your glute muscles. Keep reading to learn more about how you can tone your backside with five of the best exercises for the ultimate booty burn.

How Can a Woman Build Glutes?

There are many ways a woman can build glutes, but some methods are more effective than others. Resistance training and weight lifting are the best ways to build glutes. Body weight exercises and HIIT workouts are a good place to start if you are unstable when trying to add weight, so you can work on your form and burn calories. However, the bottom line is that you need to load your glutes to grow the size of glute muscles.

Additionally, cardio exercises like running and cycling can also help tone the muscles in your glutes and thighs. For the best results, aim to do a combination of both resistance and cardio exercises. And remember, diet is also important when it comes to achieving a toned and shapely backside. Eating plenty of protein will help to promote muscle growth while cutting back on processed foods and sugar will help reduce fat storage in your hips and backside. 

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5 Booty Burning Glute Exercises for Women

Now, you’re probably wondering, “What is the best exercise for glutes?” The best glute exercises for women are weighted exercises that target your booty and legs for a complete lower-body burn. Here are five of my favorite weighted glute workouts you can try today. 

1. Weighted Squats 

This glute exercise is a great fat-burning and booty-burning workout that targets your glute muscles. To grow your glutes quickly, perform this exercise with dumbbells in each hand or with a weighted barbell across your back and shoulders.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Start with your feet shoulder-width apart and your weights in place
  2. Keep your weight in your heels and chest up as you slowly bend your knees into a squat position (like you’re sitting back into a chair)
  3. Squat until you reach a 90-degree angle in your legs
  4. Engage your glutes to stand up and reach the starting position

Another option is to do a seated leg press if you have access to the machine.

2. Deadlifts (RDL)

Deadlifts work the back of your legs, including your glute muscles and hamstrings. You can perform this glute exercise with dumbbells in each hand or a weighted barbell.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and hold your dumbbells or weighted bar in front of your legs
  2. Keep a slight bend in your knees throughout the entire movement
  3. Slowly lower the weights down to the ground, keeping them as close to your body as possible–during this movement
    1. Bend your hips and transition your weight into your heels
    2. Keep your eyes up
    3. Keep your back straight (you’ll likely feel a stretch in the back of your legs; go down as far as is comfortable for you)
    4. Keep your arms straight and relaxed 
  4. Engage your glutes and lower back to stand up and reach the starting position

3. Hip Thrusters with Bar or Dumbbells

Hip thrusters are another excellent weighted glute exercise that targets and builds your booty. You’ll need access to an exercise bench or sturdy coffee table, chest, or the like. You also need dumbbells or a weighted barbell.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Sit on the ground with your back to your bench
  2. Place your dumbbells or bar over your hips
  3. Place your elbows on the bench behind you and bend your knees to a 45-degree angle with your feet planted firmly on the ground 
  4. Engage your core and glutes and thrust your hips up while supporting your back on the bench behind you
  5. Pause for a moment before lowering your hips and thrusting again

4. Bulgarian Split Squat

Bulgarian split squats target your glutes and inner thighs and are an excellent exercise to build your booty muscles. I encourage you to perfect your form without weights. Then when you’re ready, hold a dumbbell in each hand to accelerate glute growth. You’ll also need a bench or similar platform to perform this glute exercise. 

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Stand a few feet away from the bench with your back toward it
  2. Place one foot behind you on the bench, with the top of your foot pressed against the bench for balance and support
  3. Lower yourself into a deep lunge while keeping your chest up and ensuring your knee does not bend past your toe
  4. Engage your front, working leg to stand up and reach the starting position

If the Bulgarian split squat feels too advanced, start with a reverse lunge, which utilizes the same movement. The difference is that your back foot is on the ground rather than a raised surface.

5. Glute Kickbacks (Gluteus Maximus, Gluteus Medius, Gluteus Minimus, Hamstrings)

The last of the glute exercises for women is the glute kickback using a cable machine or resistance bands for the best results. I recommend using an ankle strap instead of putting your foot through the handle of your resistance band or cable machine attachment.

Here’s how to do it:

With the ankle strap on and facing the pulley or door (cable attachment site), the clip should attach at the front of your ankle and then:

  1. Step back a bit to feel some resistance, with a slight bend in your standing leg and your glutes engaged. (You can push against the cable machine or door for additional support.)
  2. Bend your knees slightly (never locked out) and keep your abs tight
  3. Slowly kick your working leg back until your hip is extended and your glute is contracted
  4. Focus on squeezing the glute, holding it for 1-2 seconds and returning to the starting position

These types of glute exercises for women help build muscle, which in turn will help to give your backside a more shapely appearance. Keep in mind that it’s essential to take rest days so your muscles have time to rest, recover, and grow. 

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